Aeromexico Connect Embraer E190

Aeromexico will replace its Embraer E190s with the Boeing 737 MAX

The Mexican airline intends to return to the New York Stock Exchange and to this end has revealed a fleet renewal plan as it receives new 737-8 and 737-9 aircraft

Aeromexico will replace its Embraer E190 regional jets with the Boeing 737 MAX, the carrier revealed in a document sent to the New York Stock Exchange.

The country’s largest airline no longer has its shares traded on the financial market after filing for bankruptcy in 2022.

In its plea to US authorities, Aeromexico stated that it plans to remove the E190s of its Connect subsidiary from flights from Mexico City.

The plan is for 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 jets to take over the airline network currently served by the Embraer aircraft, which has 99 seats.

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CASK comparison – E190 vs 773 MAX 9 (Aeromexico)

According to Aeromexico, the replacement will increase the number of seats available by up to 83% (181 seats on the 737-9), in addition to reducing the so-called CASK, the cost for available seat kilometer, by 29%.

The 737 MAX 9 also offers 34 premium seats versus just 11 on the E190, the company explained.

“As demand continues to rebound and surpass pre-pandemic levels, we intend to further utilize our highly efficient Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in place of the E190 aircraft, which will upgauge our fleet and further reduce our CASK,” says Aeromexico.

Aeromexico Boeing 737 MAX (Boeing)

First Embraer E-Jets arrived in 2007

Currently, the airline has a fleet of 144 aircraft, including 20 wide-bodies Boeing 787, 34 737-800, 34 737 MAX 8 and 19 737 MAX 9, in addition to 37 E190s allocated to Connect.

The regional jet fleet, however, has been reduced. Of the 47 E190s active in 2021, ten of them have since been removed from service.

Despite this, Aeromexico states that it will be able to move the regional fleet to operate from Monterey and Guadalajara.

Aeromexico fleet (Aeromexico)

Aeromexico received the first E190 from Embraer in 2007 and also flew the E170 and E175 variants, now retired.

In 2019, shortly before the pandemic, the carrier was considering replacing its fleet of regional jets with the E2 and Airbus A220 models, but the plan did not go ahead.


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