Adria Airways temporarily suspends flights

Traditional Slovenian airline stops operating until day 26 while seeking a financing solution

Without financial resources, Adria Airways suspended almost all its flights between 24 and 25 September. The Slovenian airline, however, guarantees that the shutdown is “temporary” while seeking a financing solution to resume its operation.

Adria operates from three airports in the country, Ljubljana, Pristina and Tirana, with a fleet of 18 aircraft including five Saab 2000 turboprops, 10 CRJ jets and only three Airbus A319.

According to a press release, Adria said it “will maintain a connection with its main hub in Frankfurt and will fly from Frankfurt to Ljubljana on Tuesday, September 24, and from Ljubljana to Frankfurt on Wednesday, September 25.”

“The company is actively seeking solutions together with a potential investor. The goal of everyone involved is for Adria Airways to come back again and fully in the summer and for the suspension to be only temporary.”

Founded in 1961 in the time of Yugoslavia, Adria Airways had troubled periods in the 1990s with the country’s dissolution and Slovenia’s independence. Years later it ended up in the hands of the government that privatized it in 2016.

Financial crisis sequence

Adria’s announcement joins two other cases of airlines hit by severe financial crises. On Sunday, XL Airways sought help from Air France and the French government to continue operating. The same day, Thomas Cook collapsed, leaving thousands of passengers without flights, mostly in the UK.

XL Airways A330-200: Company has asked for help from Air France and the French government (Maxime/Wikipedia)


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