Gol Boeing 737 MAX 8

With almost 40 Boeing 737 MAX, Gol expands destinations served by the aircraft

Brazilian carrier already flies to 59 cities with model and has plans to reach 75 jets of the type by the end of 2025

Gol Linhas Aéreas had to show a lot of resilience before being able to put into practice its fleet modernization plan, which began in 2018 with the arrival of the first Boeing 737 MAX.

Following two fatal crashes, the aircraft was grounded for several months while investigations continued to find the causes for the two crashes.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian carrier had to cancel routes and postpone plans such as establishing non-stop flights to Florida. However, since December 2020, Gol has returned to flying with the 737 MAX 8, being the first airline in the world to put it back into service.

Just over two and a half years later, the company already has 39 aircraft of the model, which is capable of delivering operational savings of 15% compared to the 737-800NG, still the basis of its fleet.

The mark of 40 737 MAX should be reached soon, as Boeing releases dozens of jets manufactured in recent years. But Gol’s plan is to reach 75 aircraft of the type by the end of 2025, when the MAX will be the majority in the fleet.

Gol 737 MAX 8 in Cascavel (Gol)

Environmental benefits

Currently, the 737 MAX accounts for 28% of the total number of aircraft (139 737 jets), but even so, the company is already able to place it in several destinations, including international ones like Miami, and domestic ones.

According to Gol, 59 cities are already served by the aircraft – recently the airline flew the MAX to Carajás, in the Amazon region, and Cascavel, in southern Brazil.

Furthermore, the 737 MAX is a jet capable of emitting 16% less carbon in addition to being 40% quieter than the previous generation, a benefit that goes beyond the financial aspect.

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“The entire commercial aviation sector is very focused on ESG [Environmental, Social and Governance] and Gol aims to establish an operation 100% committed to the environment, including being the only Brazilian airline to obtain the Stage 2 certificate IEenvA (IATA Environmental Assessment). Expanding the bases to which we fly with the MAX 8 is a fundamental part of achieving our sustainability goals”, said André Cruz, head of operations at Gol.


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