The 5th COMAC C919 of China Eastern Airlines, registration B-919F

With 5th C919, COMAC completes first batch of aircraft for China Eastern Airlines

New airliner with registration B-919F was delivered to the Chinese carrier on March 2

COMAC completed the delivery of the first batch of C919 commercial jets to China Eastern Airlines with the transfer of the 5th aircraft to the Chinese carrier on March 2.

The aircraft registration B-919F took off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, where the COMAC facilities are located, taking on transfer flight MU2999. It arrived at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport at 9:51 where it was officially received by China Eastern.

The order for five aircraft was the first for the new Chinese-made commercial jet, although there are commitments to acquire more than a thousand jets, according to local media.

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The 5th COMAC C919 of China Eastern Airlines, registration B-919F (Social media)

The first C919, B-919A, was delivered to China Eastern Airlines in December 2022 and entered service at the end of May 2023. It was followed by the B-919C in July, the B-919D in December and the B -919E on January 2, 2024.

The aircraft have been a kind of laboratory for COMAC to improve its production and quality processes amid preparations to speed up the aircraft assembly line.

Second batch and more customers

China Eastern itself is expected to begin receiving a second batch of C919 this year, with 100 aircraft, which should be completed in 2031.

The 5th COMAC C919 of China Eastern Airlines, registration B-919F (Social media)

Another airline about to have a C919 is Air China, which ordered six aircraft last year and will receive the first in 2024;

With capacity for 168 single-class seats, the C919 is the first commercial jet fully developed in China and a competitor to the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737.

COMAC is carrying out a demonstration tour of the C919 and the ARJ21 regional jet across Southeast Asia, having participated in the Singapore Airshow and visited Vietnam last week.


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