Boeing 737 MAX 8 and Airbus A320neo

Which is Bigger: Boeing 737 MAX 8 or Airbus A320neo?

Single-aisle commercial jets are among the best-selling in the world, but they are somewhat different

Together they had nearly 9,500 orders as of February 2024, making the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and Airbus A320neo two of the most successful commercial jets in history.

Designed to serve the main niche of the air travel market, the two aircraft are used by hundreds of airlines, but do they have anything in common besides their huge order books?

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After all, which one is bigger? Here we list six dimensions to answer this question:

Length – 737 MAX 8

The 737-8, as it is also called, is 39.12 meters long (128 ft 4 in) compared to 37.57 meters (123.27 ft) for the A320neo, or 1.55 meters longer.

Akasa Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Boeing)

Fuselage diameter – A320neo

Although it is shorter, the Airbus has a bulkier fuselage, measuring 3.95 meters in diameter (156 in) versus the 737’s 3.76 meters (148 in). This means better use of the cabin and also a larger cargo hold.

Wingspan – 737 MAX 8

Very long wings are not exactly an advantage as they limit parking space, but the 737 MAX 8 is slightly larger in this aspect, at 35.92 meters (117 ft 10 in) while the A320neo is 35.8 meters (117.45 ft).

Transavia France Airbus A320neo (Clément Alloing)

Height – Draw

Interestingly, the two jetliners have the same height, 12.45 m, but the A320neo has a shorter vertical stabilizer since its fuselage is in a higher position.

Passenger capacity – 737 MAX 8

The greater length allows the 737-8 to carry slightly more passengers than the A320neo. According to Boeing, there are up to 189 seats while Airbus says its plane can carry 180 passengers in a single class.

Maximum Takeoff Weight – 737 MAX 8

The 737 MAX 8 is certified to take off with more weight, up to 82,644 kf (182,200 lb). The A320neo in turn has an MTOW of 77,000 kg (154,324 lb) in its heaviest version.

Boeing 737 MAX 8
Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Stephen McParlin)


The 737 MAX 8 is slightly larger than the A320neo although it offers a smaller cabin. Both have a fairly large range, between 6,300 km (Airbus) and 6,480 km (Boeing), depending on the configuration.

The two jets can be equipped with CFM’s efficient Leap 1 engine, or in the case of the A320neo, also the PW1100G.


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