Saab 340 AEW (ASC 890)

Waiting for the Gripen, Ukraine will have two Swedish ASC 890 radar planes

Swedish government says it will donate Saab 340 airborne early warning turboprops to Ukraine’s Air Force as part of $1.3 billion aid package

Sweden plans to transfer part of its Saab Gripen fighter fleet to Ukraine, however, negotiations have recently been paused so that other European countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway can complete the introduction of the F-16 jets.

While the Gripens do not arrive, the Ukrainian Air Force will rely on an important military reinforcement provided by the Swedes, two ASC 890 airborne early warning (AEW) aircraft.

The Saab 340 turboprop aircraft are equipped with an airborne radar system capable of detecting targets and aerial threats at great distances and should be a great tool for Ukraine to identify Russian attacks.

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The sending of the ASC 890 is part of a new Swedish aid package budgeted at US$1.3 billion and which also includes 302 armored personnel carriers, among others.

GlobalEye aircraft (Saab)

S 106 GlobalEye

The transfer of the two ASC 890s, however, will leave the Swedish Air Force without radar aircraft as Saab has not yet delivered the first S 106 GlobalEye, which uses the Bombardier Global executive jet as a platform.

Sweden has ordered two S 106s in 2022 with an option for two more aircraft. The first of them was scheduled for delivery in 2027, but the deadlines will be revised so that the aircraft reaches the air force sooner.

The government must also exercise both purchase options. Until then, however, Sweden’s air defense capabilities will deteriorate, the country’s leaders acknowledged.


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