Video: Old Antonov An-2 plane crashes into trees after taking off from field in Sweden

Soviet times biplane piloted by Kjell Brattfors who tried to use a field beside a road in the town of Vårgårda. The five occupants suffered only minor injuries

The most popular aircraft in the Soviet Union, the Antonov An-2 is considered a kind of workhorse, capable of performing different missions in addition to having a resistance that makes it able to operate from anywhere.

Perhaps that was one of the reasons that made the Swedish pilot Kjell Brattfors, 78 years old, try something extremely risky with the An-2 registered SE-KCE on Saturday, July 8, in Vårgårda, a city close to Gothenburg, in Sweden.

According to local reports, Brattfors intended to take off from a road, but because of traffic he opted to use a field on the side. The small distance available and the existence of relatively tall trees discouraged any attempt, but the pilot did not consider the risk and tried to take off.

A video recorded by locals shows the An-2 accelerating and lifting off the ground with difficulty, with the right wing banking down until the aircraft hits the treetops and disappears into the foliage.

The most incredible thing is that, despite the impressive impact, the five occupants (the pilot and four passengers) only suffered minor injuries.

The An-2R SE-KCE was manufactured in 1981 and sported a livery with a fake Soviet registration “CCCP – 84592” and the Aeroflot inscriptions and logo.

On his Facebook account, Kjell Brattfors reassured his friends and followers that he was fine but quite busy.

The Swedish aviation authorities will investigate the accident. The venerable An-2, even after the crash, still preserved the fuselage and empennage almost intact.


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