Video: First Embraer E190F freighter is almost finished

Called E-Freighter, the aircraft is the result of a process of converting passenger jets to transport cargo

Embraer released a video on its social networks on Thursday showing the first E190F almost finished.

The jet is the result of the P2F (Passenger to Freighter) conversion process, launched by the company in 2022. Called E-Freighter, the program also includes the E195F model, which should be the next to undergo the work of changing to cargo.

The conversion carried out by Embraer includes the renovation of the passenger cabin with the reinforcement of the floor, the installation of rails and bulkheads for the containers, fire walls in addition to a new part in the front fuselage to accommodate the wide cargo door.

E-Freighter program was launched in 2022 (Embraer)

According to Embraer, the E190F will be capable of flying for 3,723 km (2,010 nautical miles) with maximum paid load or 4,500 km (2,430 nautical miles) with maximum volumetric load. The E195F has a range of 3,000 km (1,620 nautical miles) with maximum paid load and 3,945 km (2,130 nautical miles) with maximum bulky loads.

The company’s main target is the express delivery segment, taking advantage of the absence of an aircraft of the same size. Currently, only turboprops such as the ATR 72-600F or jets such as the Boeing 737-800BCF and Airbus A320P2F will be offered.

The first E190F (Embraer)

The first customer for the P2F program will be Kenyan airline Astral Aviation, which has signed a memorandum of understanding with Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) to lease the converted aircraft.

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NAC has up to 10 E-Jet conversion positions, with the first deliveries starting in 2024. The aircraft presented by Embraer received a company livery and the inscription “experimental”, which means it may not be the jet that will be delivered to Astral Aviation.

Embraer will still have to carry out the certification process for the freighter model before the E190F enters service.


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