Video: firefighting plane hits pole and crashes onto road in Chile

Thrush S-2R-T660 Thrush 710P aircraft from the company Plysa tried to control fire near the airport in the city of Talca. Pilot did not survive

An accident with an agricultural plane on January 15 was caught by people watching the aircraft attempt to put out a fire in a city in southern Chile.

The pilot of the Thrush S-2R-T660 Thrush 710P, however, ended up hitting a pole with his right wing and lost control of the aircraft.

Still loaded with a lot of fuel, the aircraft caught fire while in the air, before crashing onto a road near the head of Panguilemo Airport. The pilot did not survive, according to a statement from DGAC, Chile’s civil aviation authority.

There were three injured people on the ground, but the condition of these people was not known.

The single-engine Thush 710P with registration EC-NPL belonged to the Spanish company Plysa, linked to Air Nostrum, and provided service to Air Andes.

Thrush 710P (Thrush Aircraft)

The turboprop plane is manufactured by Thrush Aviation, a company that took over the Ayres estate.

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Designed as a crop spraying airplane, the 710P can also be used for firefighting thanks to a tank carried in the belly of the fuselage.