Embraer KC-390

Uzbekistan would be close to purchasing two Embraer C-390 Millennium

The Brazilian government released a document revealing financing for the sale of two military cargo jets to the Central Asian country, which was formerly part of the Soviet Union. Supposed agreement has not yet been disclosed

Embraer may close the sale of two C-390 Millennium multirole aircraft to Uzbekistan. The possible agreement appears in a document from the Brazilian government that deals with insurance for the country’s development bank to finance the sale.

The values, guarantees and names of the importer and debtor were omitted in the public version of the document in Portuguese.

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The possible sale of the two military freighters to Uzbekistan was surprising as the Asian country had not yet been mentioned as a potential customer for the Brazilian aircraft.

Document that mention the sale of two C-390 to Uzbekistan (BG)

With a small air force, Uzbekistan still depends on aircraft of Russian and Ukrainian origin such as MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters as well as An-12, An-26 and IL-76 transport planes.

However, the service has recently undergone an update thanks to orders for Western aircraft such as H125 and H215 helicopters and C295 turboprops, all from Airbus.

Uzbekistan Air Force Il-76 (Kevin Hackert)

Former Soviet republic

The Central Asian country has been heavily influenced and economically dependent on Russia, but since the military invasion of Ukraine, Uzbekistan has distanced itself from its neighbor and sought to create ties with the West, especially the European Union.

Last year, an Embraer delegation made a presentation in the country with an E195-E2 jet to demonstrate its operation in hot climates and at high altitude.

E195-E2 during presentation in Uzbekistan (Embraer)

Uzbekistan’s airlines do not operate jets with fewer than 150 seats, which was seen as an opportunity for Embraer. However, to date there has been no announcement of orders.

Embraer was consulted about the possible agreement with Uzbekistan and if there is a position, the article will be updated.


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