Ural Airlines pays rent to farmer after its Airbus A320 lands in wheat field

The aircraft suffered a breakdown in September 2023 and ended up making an emergency landing on a farm near Novosibirsk. Airline still unable to remove A320 from site

The episode in which an Airbus A320 from the Russian airline Ural Airlines landed in a wheat field while trying to reach Novosibirsk Airport in September continues to create surreal facts.

The pilots had the feat of putting the aircraft on the ground without major damage, but since then the A320 has been stuck in place.

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Ural Airlines even suggested taking off with the commercial jet from the same wheat field, but the plan did not go ahead. Another alternative, dismantling it and taking it to a hangar, also did not prove viable.

Due to the impasse, the carrier had to propose to the farmer, owner of the land, a rent for the A320’s “stay” on his farm.

Ural Airlines A320 in the wheat field (Ural Airlines)

The reason is that the Airbus aircraft is preventing the planting of wheat at this time, resulting in losses for the farmer.

According to KP-Novosibirsk, the farm owner will receive around US$ 11,000 as compensation for the damage caused by the commercial jet.

Loss of hydraulic system

The A320, registration RA-73805, was carrying out flight U63183 between Sochi and Omsk on September 11, 2023, however, it suffered a loss of hydraulic system and the crew decided to switch to Novosibirsk Airport, which has a longer runway.

Ural Airlines has not decided how to remove the A320 from the wheat field (Ural Airlines)

The aircraft ran out of fuel before reaching the airport and made an emergency landing about 185 km from Novosibirsk.

The jet first flew in February 2004 and was originally delivered to Air Arabia via lease from ILFC. In 2013, the A320 was transferred to Ural Airlines, still under lease.