UPS acquires 19 more Boeing 767 Freighters

New agreement raises total cargo planes to 80 orders in 2021

Boeing and UPS announced on Tuesday an agreement to purchase 19 767F freighter aircraft.

The new order brought the total number of freighter aircraft ordered in 2021 to 80 units, in addition to more than 80 passenger jet conversions, said planemaker, which celebrated the segment’s record year.

“The Boeing 767 is the most versatile aircraft we operate,” said UPS U.S. Operations President Nando Cesarone. “Our plan to purchase 19 aircraft and take delivery between 2023 and 2025 aligns with the strategy and capital expenditure forecast shared during June 2021 Investor and Analyst Day. It also supports our sustainability efforts by making our fleet more efficient and improving reliability,” he said.

The 767 Freighter is based on the 767-300ER and can carry up to 52.4 tonnes of cargo over distances of 3,255 nm (6,028 km).

UPS was the launch customer of the Boeing 767F in 1995 (Boeing)

UPS was the launch customer of the type in 1995 and has ordered a total of 91 767-300F to date. The cargo company’s fleet comprises 287 aircraft, most of them supplied by Boeing (79,767F currently), in addition to 52 Airbus A300-600F.

The deal is compensation for the many orders Airbus has revealed related to the A350F, a dedicated cargo variant based on the new-generation widebody.

With more than twice the capacity of the 767F, the A350F will be able to carry 109 tonnes over distances of up to 4,700 nm (8,700 km), according to Airbus.

Boeing is considering launching a freighter version of the 777X, but the decision will only be taken when certification of the new twin-engine widebody is closer to taking place.

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