United Airlines Boeing 767 lost an evacution slide before landing in Chicago

The aircraft was coming from Zurich, Switzerland, and was preparing to land at O’Hare Airport when the emergency evacuation slide came loose and crashed into a nearby residential area

A United Airlines Boeing 767-300 experienced an unusual situation on Monday, June 17 as it approached for landing at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

Shortly before arriving at the airport, an evacation slide, which inflates in emergency landing situations, was released from the aircraft and landed in a nearby residential area.

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United admitted the problem after ground teams found the equipment missing, which is located on the aircraft doors.

Evacuation slide collapsed in a residential area (social media)

The aircraft of registration N666UA did not carry out any more flights after the incident that had no injuries.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it was investigating the case, but that the flight was safe until landing.

The emergency escape slide is kept active after the aircraft has closed the doors. Whenever a flight is completed, the crew needs to disarm them before opening the doors.

It is not clear where the deflated equipment came from. Video recorded in the vicinity shows the piece falling after an airplane passed by.


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