Ukraine claims to have shot down five Russian Ka-52 helicopters in 24 hours

Four of the aircraft were reportedly hit within 18 minutes in the south of the country during the morning of Wednesday

Ukraine’s government claimed to have shot down five Russian Kamov Ka-52 helicopters on Wednesday, as well as 19 drones in a 24-hour period – the information could not be confirmed.

According to reports from the Ukrainian armed forces, four of the attack helicopters were hit within an interval of just 18 minutes.

The aircraft were flying over southern Ukraine, but the exact locations were not revealed. According to country officials, the helicopters were attacked by surface-to-air missile units between 8:40 am and 8:58 am (local time).

According to the Ukrainian government, 238 Russian helicopters and 268 planes have been destroyed since the invasion began in February.

Ukraine claimed shot down five KA-52 helicopters


The Ka-52, known as the “Alligator” is a two-seat version of the Ka-50, an attack and reconnaissance helicopter developed in the 1980s during the Soviet Union.

Kamov decided to design a cockpit with side-by-side seats instead of the tandem configuration common in attack and reconnaissance helicopters.

Like most of the aircraft of the former bureau, now part of Russian Helicopters, the Ka-52 has co-axial rotors that eliminate the need for an anti-torque system in the tail..

For unclear reasons, those helicopters seem to suffer from high levels of vibration, as shown in videos on social media where the “wings” that carry weapons appear shaking heavily.

According to the World Air Forces 2020, Russia had at least 116 of these helicopters in its fleet.


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