On different continents, two Embraer ERJ jets slipped after landing on the same Thursday

Aircraft from Piedmont Airlines and Airlink ended up suffering runway and taxiway excursions in different situations

For different reasons, two Embraer ERJ regional jets ended up leaving the limits of the runway and taxiway on the same January 18th.

In Mozambique, an ERJ-135LR from the South African airline AirLink suffered a runway excursion after landing at Pemba Airport, coming from Johannesburg.

The aircraft, with 35 occupants, ended up stuck in the mud, but the passengers managed to leave it safely.

The Embraer aircraft got stuck in the mud (Social media)

Hours later, a Piedmont Airlines ERJ-145LR, working for American Eagle, had just landed at Rochester International Airport in New York when it slid off the taxiway.

A video on social media shows the aircraft in snow, which may have contributed to the incident. The N922AE jet had 53 people on board and there were no injuries.

Piedmont’s ERJ-145LR suffered an incident shortly after landing in Rochester (Social media)

The cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere had already caused other similar incidents in recent days.

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The day before, a KLM Boeing 737-800 also slid off the taxiway at Gothenburg Airport in Sweden while preparing for takeoff. According to the weather report, it was snowing at the time.

A KLM Boeing 737-800 slid off the taxiway in Gothenburg on January 17 (Social media)

The incident with the AirLink ERJ-135LR ZS-SJX, however, occurred in hot weather, but a video taken by a passenger shows that it had rained and the runway was wet.

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