Turkish Air Force C-160 transport aircraft makes emergency landing after technical failure

The turboprop was carrying out a training flight in the Kayseri region when it developed problems. Low-altitude flight over highway was recorded on video

A Turkish Air Force Transall C-160 military freighter made an emergency landing in Kayseri, in the center of the country, after suffering a technical failure during a training flight.

The aircraft was badly damaged, according to images shared on social media. The C-160 appears over vegetation with the left wing partially destroyed.

The Turkish Defense Ministry said the crew were in good health, but considered the damage to the aircraft minor.

“A C-160 aircraft taking off from the 12th Command of Kayseri Air Transport Base for training had to make an emergency landing due to a technical defect. Our aircraft suffered minor damage. The health of our pilots and crew is good,” the government said in a statement.

Turkish Air Force Transall C-160 (Stefano Benedetto)

A video taken by an occupant of a vehicle near the air base showed the C-160 at a very low altitude, but managing to avoid hitting the ground.

The Turkish Air Force received 20 turboprops from the former West Germany in the 1970s, but only two were operational.


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