“Trump Force One”: Boeing 757 of the former US president is on its way to New York

Corporate aircraft registration N757AF took off from Palm Beach International Airport, in Floria, towards the north of the country. Donald Trump will testify in court in an unprecedented charge against a former occupant of the White House

The Boeing 757 registration N757AF has returned to the subject of the media after several years. Owned by former President Donald Trump, the aircraft took off on Monday from Palm Beach International Airport, Florida, with the probable destination of La Guardia Airport, in New York.

The reason for the trip is controversial: Trump allegedly made payments to a former porn star during the 2016 campaign, despite having denied this at the time. Indicted by a New York court, the former president will have a hearing on the case on Tuesday.

The aircraft’s flight was the most followed on flight tracking websites, despite its data being omitted in most of them, for security reasons.

The Boeing 757, known by the nickname “Trump Force One”, became a symbol of the businessman for several years. Manufactured in 1991, the single-aisle aircraft was originally delivered to Sterling Airlines, from Denmark, but was soon passed on to the Mexican company TAESA.

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In 1995, the commercial jet was converted into a VIP aircraft by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen. Donald Trump only acquired the 757 in 2011.

The N757AF jet was used by the Republican in the 2012 and 2016 presidential campaigns, this time victorious, when he defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Boeing 757 N757AF flight (ADS Exchange)

The Trump Organization used the Boeing 757 until mid-2019, when the plane was stored at an airport in upstate New York while Trump was still ahead of his presidential term.

Months after the defeat in the re-election attempt, Trump announced in 2021 that the N757AF would be restored to serve him again, but only in October last year did the Boeing return to flight conditions.

While “Trump Force One” was updated, the former president used another aircraft owned by him, the Cessna Citation X registration N725DT.

Donald Trump’s Cessna Citation X corporate jet (John Sonderman)


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