Sukhoi Checkmate fighter will have engine with vectorable exhaust nozzle

Russian stealth aircraft also have new turbofan in development, says Russian media

The new Russian Sukhoi Checkmate stealth fighter should feature engines equipped with a vectorable exhaust nozzle, a source told Ria Novosti.

The 5th generation fighter aircraft was unveiled in July 2021 during the MAKS air show as an export-focused project.

Because of this, the Checkmate is only equipped with an afterburner engine, a configuration that the Russian Air Force did not accept years ago.

According to the website, the mouthpiece would originally only move vertically, but patents filed in Russia show a device that moves in all directions. The configuration will allow the fighter greater maneuverability, as well as more efficient take-off and landing performance.

This type of equipment is used in other Russian fighters such as the Sukhoi Su-30M and Su-57, from which the Checkmate takes advantage of several components.

The Checkmate and Su-57 fighters (Rostec)

New engine on the way

Already the website Aviation 21 points out that the fighter, which may receive the designation Su-75, will have a new engine in the future. Currently, the supersonic jet is believed to be equipped with the AL-41F1 turbofan, used by the Su-57, for cost savings.

Apparently, however, the Checkmate will also have the Izdelie 30 engine, a project created from scratch and that has been tested for a few years with the promise of being more powerful, lighter and with a more modern concept.

In May, Rostec, Russia’s state-owned technology company, said the new fighter should go into production only in 2027.


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