Southwest aircraft marks resumption of 737 MAX deliveries

Boeing returned to send a jet of the model to its customers after repairs in wiring determined by the FAA

On Wednesday, Southwest Airlines received the 737 MAX 8 registration N88814K after a flight between Seattle and Phoenix.

The flight marks the resumption of deliveries of Boeing’s most popular jetliner after yet another tense issue resolution.

This time, however, the process was much faster and only made airframer suspend the operation of a hundred aircraft in addition to stopping planned deliveries.

Thanks to FAA approval earlier this month, Boeing is able to make corrections to the single-aisle jet wiring and thus overcome yet another obstacle in its commercial career.

Due to the unforeseen, only four 737 MAXs were delivered in April, but the US manufacturer is expected to return dozens of aircraft to its customers in the coming weeks.

When Boeing received the first green light to put MAX back into service again in November 2020, it had about 450 units completed, but stored at various airports.

The company plans to send at least half of that total to airlines by the end of 2021, including Ryanair, one of the model’s largest customers and which has not received any of the 210 planes ordered so far.


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