South Korea plans to launch electric military trainer

Korean Aircraft Industries (KAI) introduced four-propeller aircraft concept at ADEX 2021

Korean Aircraft Industries (KAI), an aerospace manufacturer controlled by the South Korean government, presented on Tuesday at ADEX 2021 the concept of military trainer Sorigae (Black Kite).

The aircraft intends to replace the KT-1 turboprops in the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) with a 100% electric propulsion proposal.

A video released by KAI describes the plane with four propellers mounted on the wings and the batteries distributed in various parts. With two tandem seats, the Black Kite is 11.6 meters long, 11.2 meters wingspan and 4.7 meters high.

The South Korean airframer says the aircraft will be pressurized and will feature a fully digital cockpit. The total power of the propeller package is estimated at 1,600 hp.

KAI has not disclosed any development plans for the training aircraft, only that it intends to meet future ROKAF requirements. It currently operates 104 KT-1 turboprops, the first South Korean indigenous aircraft.


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