Six people survive Cirrus SR22 flight failure after parachute deploys in Brazil

CAPS system was activated by the pilot shortly after taking off from Pampulha Airport. Video shows plane descending on hill, but without causing injuries to the occupants

The CAPS system (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System), developed by the manufacturer Cirrus has proven to be invaluable equipment to save lives.

On Saturday, a single-engine SR22, registration PS-VAC, took off from Pampulha Airport, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, but suffered a failure in flight minutes later, forcing the pilot to activate the aircraft’s emergency parachute.

Video posted on social media shows the aircraft landing on an uninhabited hill.

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Despite the impact when touching the ground, none of the six occupants, including a three-year-old child and a newborn, suffered injuries.

According to the Fire Department, all of them were conscious and without apparent injuries.

The parachute was deployed minutes after de take-off (CBMMG)

The Cirrus SR22 with PS-VAC registration was manufactured in 2022 and belonged to Bradesco Leasing e Arrendamento Mercantil, but operated with Volare Equipamentos Aéreos.

Cirrus has invested in some innovative safety technologies to reduce the risk of flying in general aviation, which is known for the highest levels of accidents.

In addition to CAPS, the company also has an automatic landing system called “Safe Return” that equips the single-engine jet SF-50 Vision Jet.

By simply pressing a button, the aircraft performs the entire descent and landing procedure autonomously, which is useful in a situation where the pilot has some type of restriction to control the aircraft.


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