Sikorsky close to delivering Greece’s first three MH-60R helicopters

The company has completed testing the integrated mission systems and sensors on board three MH-60R Seahawk helicopters acquired by the Hellenic Navy.

Sikorksy, a Lockheed Martin group company, announced that it has completed testing the weapons systems of the first three MH-60R Seahawk helicopters destined for the Hellenic Navy.

The first batch is scheduled to be delivered to Greece in 2024, transported aboard US Navy ships. The remaining four MH-6ORs will be shipped in 2025, part of an agreement made with the United States government.

The aircraft is intended to carry out anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare missions from ships or on the ground. They will join the 11 S-70B Seahawk helicopters operating from Kotroni Naval Air Station.

Known as Aegean Hawks, the oldest naval helicopters were purchased directly from Sikorsky between 1994 and 2005.

“Commonality of these Hellenic Navy MH-60R SEAHAWK aircraft with 330 MH-60R and 250 MH-60S SEAHAWK aircraft, and with the global BLACK HAWK helicopter fleet, enables Sikorsky and the U.S. Navy to continue sustaining and upgrading this proven weapon system for maximum threat deterrence and operational capability,” said Sikorsky President Paul Lemmo.

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Greece is the seventh country to receive the US Navy’s MH-60R naval helicopter. In Europe, Denmark operates nine MH-60R aircraft. Spain and Norway have placed orders in 2023 for 14 MH-60R aircraft, according to Sikorksy.


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