Spanish Air Force second A330 MRTT

Second A330 of the Spanish Air Force will begin to be transformed into Multi Role Tanker Transport

Ejercito del Aire signed an agreement to convert three former Iberia aircraft into aerial tankers

Airbus has received the second A330-200 from the Spanish Air Force (Ejercito del Aire) which will be converted to the MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) standard in the Getafe division.

The aircraft was acquired from the carrier Iberia, like the others, and had been passed on to the Air Force in May 2022, having then received a dark gray paint job and the registration T.24-02.

According to Airbus, the jet will be equipped with a hose and drogue refueling system in the coming months.

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The company did not reveal the status of the first A330 T.24-01, but it is understood that it is close to completion as it was expected to happen in 2024.

Spanish Air Force second A330 MRTT (Airbus)

Final aircraft expected to be delivered in 2025

The Spanish government signed an air tanker conversion agreement with Airbus in November 2021 including three aircraft.

In addition to the aerial refueling system, the Spanish MRTT will also have a medical evacuation kit (MEDEVAC).

The A330 MRTT fleet will be operated by Wing 45 of the Spanish Air Force, based at Torrejón Air Base (Madrid). The third and final aircraft is expected to be delivered in 2025.

The MRTT has gained several customers around the world and is the most numerous aerial refueling aircraft among NATO members.


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