Saab and Boeing sign contract to produce T-7A training jet aft fuselage

Supersonic aircraft will replace the T-38 Talon in US Air Force pilot training

Saab has been awarded a contract worth US$107 million by Boeing to produce an undisclosed number of aft fuselages for the T-7A Red Hawk, the US Air Force’s (USAF) new supersonic trainer.

The structures will be produced at the Swedish manufacturer’s facilities in West Lafayette, Indiana.

“What we are building is the most modern and forward-looking advanced pilot training system on the market and I am confident that this is a program that will deliver aircraft for many years to come. This order ensures the ramp-up of serial production to meet both current and future customers’ increased needs,” said Lars Tossman, head of Saab’s Aeronautics business area.

The T-7A Red Hawk will be the new advanced training aircraft for USAF pilots, replacing the T-38 Talon. There are currently two supersonic jets delivered to the Air Force, one at Edwards Air Force Base and the other at Eglin Air Force Base.

T-7 Red Hawk (Boeing)

The USAF is carrying out engineering and manufacturing development test flights for the aircraft, which should have at least 351 units produced in the coming years.

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The T-7A project was carried out jointly by Saab and Boeing with digital tools that shortened the aircraft’s development time and costs.


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