Ilyushin Il-76 with one of the engines on fire

Russian military freighter Il-76 crashes after one of its engines catches fire

Aircraft crashed shortly after taking off in an area 200 km from Moscow. According to Russian news agencies, the 15 people on board did not survive

A four-engine Ilyushin Il-76 military transport crashed near the city of Ivanovo, about 200 km from Moscow on Tuesday, killing all 15 occupants.

Videos that were published on social networks show an aircraft of this type with one of the right wing engines on fire. Another recording suggests that the engine detached from the Il-76. A large cloud of black smoke is seen minutes later.

The Il-76 is a versatile military freighter numerous in the Russian military, but also used by civilian operators. Identification of the accident aircraft was not yet possible.

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Ivanovo is located northeast of Moscow and far from the border with Ukraine.


Russia has recently lost several Il-76s and its airborne early warning version, the A-50, but in those cases the aircraft were close to the conflict area with Ukraine.


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