Russia seeks partner countries to manucfacture Su-57E and Checkmate fighters

Russia’s export agency says it is in talks with “various partners” on cooperation projects on Sukhoi’s fifth-generation fighter jets

The director of Russia’s state export agency (Rosoboronexport), Alexander Mikheyev, told Russian news agency TASS that Moscow is in talks with “various partners” to advance cooperation agreements aimed at developing and producing the fifth-generation Sukhoi fighter jets. Su-57E and the new Su-75 Checkmate.

“According to feedback from foreign specialists and experts, the multi-purpose super-maneuverable Su-35 figther jet is the best aircraft among the fourth and 4++ generation fighters. It occupies a rightful place in Rosoboronexport’s portfolio of orders. Cooperation on SU -57E and Checkmate fifth-generation fighter jets is now being discussed with a number of Russia’s partners, including in the format of joint development and production,” said Mikheyev.

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The senior official at the Russian export agency did not reveal which Russia’s partner nations would be willing to cooperate in developing Sukhoi’s advanced aircraft. It is known, however, that Moscow has already tried to negotiate agreements in this sense with countries in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates. Recently, Nigeria was also considered as a possible partner for the Checkmate project.

The two new Su-57 fighters (NskPlanes)

Considered Russia’s most advanced fighter plane, the twin-engine Su-57E has been in service with the country’s air force since 2020 and even took part in combat actions in the military invasion of Ukraine.

The Su-75 is an aircraft still under development, but which has emerged as a focus on exports because it is theoretically a more affordable fighter – both in acquisition value and in operating costs.

Supersonic single engine with stealth capability, Checkmate is a self-initiated project by Rostec, Russia’s state-owned tech giant that controls the country’s major aircraft manufacturers. The first flight of the fighter is scheduled for next year, with production starting in mid-2026.

Sukhoi Checkmate at Dubai Airshow (UAC)

Russia, which is under severe sanctions from several Western countries and their allies, however, could encounter major obstacles in its search for partner nations willing to cooperate in its fighter jet projects.

A country aligned with Vladimir Putin’s regime could end up receiving similar embargoes from the international community, which defends Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty.


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