Russia is ramping up production of the Sukhoi Su-57 fighter

Komsomolsk-on-Amur (KnAAZ) facilities now have new areas for equipment testing. UAC has an order for 76 stealth fighters for the Russian Air Force

Russia is expanding facilities at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur (KnAAZ) plant in the country’s far east. The site is known for producing several Sukhoi fighter jets and is now involved in the assembly of the Su-57 Felon, Russia’s first 5th generation aircraft.

Recently, new facilities were opened for testing the new fighter’s systems and equipment. According to the UAC (United Aircraft Corporation), the expansion is necessary to meet the order for 76 Su-57s made by the Russian Air Force.

Among the new areas to be completed by 2023 are facilities for testing avionics, fuel tanks and engines.

UAC is also preparing a new building to house the electroplating, machining and heat treatment units for aircraft components.

The two new Su-57 fighters (NskPlanes)

Su-57 reinforced attacks in Ukraine

The Su-57 development program has been going on for years, motivating the Air Force to activate a squadron with pre-series aircraft.

The first production Su-57 was only delivered by UAC in December 2020. In May, two new fighter jets were spotted in Novosibirsk on their way to an air base in western Russia.

Part of the fleet was used in attacks during the invasion of Ukraine in February. Rostec, the state-owned technology company that controls UAC and its various manufacturers, said two years ago that it aimed to deliver 22 Su-57 fighter jets by 2024.