Air France E190 new seats

Retrofit of Air France’s Embraer jets will increase seats by 10%

Cabin upgrade program predicts that capacity of 20 E190 will jump from 100 to 110 seats, increasing comfort for passengers

The recent renovation of the cabin of the Embraer E190 jets from the HOP! subsidiary, announced by Air France, will not only bring more comfort to passengers. The airline will increase aircraft capacity by 10 seats.

Currently, E190s fly with just 100 seats, a number that will therefore be increased by 10%. Despite the greater number of passengers, the flight experience is expected to be improved.

This is because the new, more ergonomic seats offer a good recline angle, adjustable headrests and a width of 46 cm.

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Air France HOP! Embraer E190 (Markus Eigenheer)

In addition, Air France will offer USB A and C ports in addition to more spacious luggage compartments.

The reason lies in the construction of the new seats, supplied by Expliseat and which are made of carbon fiber and titanium and are 30% lighter than the current model.

The standard that will be installed on the E190 is the same used by Air France’s Airbus A220-300 and should be applied to around 20 jets starting in June.

BA CityFlyer E190 | Aleem Yousaf

The retrofit of Embraer E-Jets has been common in some operators, as occurred in January with British Airways, which announced the redesign of the interior of CityFlyer’s fleet of 20 E190s.

The renovation will increase the number of seats on the aircraft from 98 to 106 seats.


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