Norway transfers two F-16 fighters to train Ukrainian pilots in Denmark

Royal Norwegian Air Force is also sending ten instructors to guide teams from Ukraine, but the European country has not yet revealed how many aircraft it will donate

Norway recently confirmed that it had sent two reactivated F-16 Fightning Falcon fighter jets to Denmark, where training for Ukrainian pilots and support teams is taking place.

According to Norwegian Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram, who visited the training center last week, ten instructors are also being sent to support the preparation of Ukrainian Air Force personnel.

Norway has already confirmed that it will donate F-16 fighters to Ukraine, but has not yet revealed how many planes or when they will be sent.

The northern European nation has joined Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands in the effort to equip the Ukrainian Air Force with surplus F-16 fighter jets from their inventories.

Norwegian F-35 (Rob Schleiffert)

Currently, there are pilots and ground personnel training in the United States and Romania, but there is no prediction of when Lockheed Martin fighters will be received in Ukraine.

The Royal Norwegian Air Force has replaced its F-16s with the 5th generation F-35 Lightning II fighter, of which it has 40 aircraft and an extra order for 12 jets.

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Of the 57 F-16 fighters removed from service, 32 are expected to be transferred to Romania through an acquisition agreement concluded some time ago.

The company Draken International, which is contracted by several air forces for “aggressor” training, had agreed to purchase 12 of these F-16s, however, the aircraft have not yet been delivered, possibly due to Washington’s guidance to direct them to Ukraine.