New problem on the 737 MAX could affect the increase in aircraft production

Boeing suspended deliveries of some models of its popular jet on Thursday after finding quality issues with components supplied by Spirit Aerosystems

Boeing faces yet another quality problem in the assembly of the 737 MAX jets, its most popular commercial aircraft.

On Thursday, the planemaker admitted to having suspended deliveries of some aircraft in order to carry out inspections on two fittings that join the aft fuselage to the vertical tail. Parts would not be properly attached to the structure, which affects units in production or in storage only.

Parts are supplied by Spirit Aerosystems, known for assembling many parts of Boeing aircraft.

The problem affects models 737 MAX 7, Max 8, 8-200 and also the previous series, 737NG, now produced for maritime patrol as P-8 Poseidon.

The only spared variant is the 737 MAX 9, currently the highest capacity. “This is not an immediate safety-of-flight issue and the in-service fleet can continue operating safely,” explained Boeing.

Boeing 737 MAX 9 (Jeff Hitchcock)

Due to the suspension of deliveries, the manufacturer must postpone the increase in production expected for the coming years. Boeing had hoped to increase production of the 737 from 31 to 38 planes a month in June. In 2024, the goal was to reach a monthly production rate of 42 aircraft.

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Boeing shares on the New York Stock Exchange fell 5.27% on Friday, April 14.


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