New Pakistani airline, K2 Airways will be the new operator of the Embraer E190 jet

Carrier said in a statement that it is in the final stages before its debut

Its name, a reference to K2, the second highest mountain in the world, could not be more appropriate. Just like the challenging mountain, the new Pakistani airline K2 Airways is conquering every meter towards the skies with difficulty.

Pakistan’s new airline has been in preparation for operational start-up since at least 2019, when launch its social media marketing campaign.

The company, however, only recently took more visible steps by unveiling its first aircraft, an Embraer E190.

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Recently, K2 Airways released a statement in which it claims to be in the final stages before the start of commercial operation.

According to the carrier, it will initially have two E190s that will fly from Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore to small airports in Pakistan.

The project is funded by a Pakistani businessman based in the United Arab Emirates and who intends to take advantage of the regional niche, currently ignored by the major airlines.

The first E190 that K2 will operate (K2)

Right capacity

The choice of the Embraer plane, still unprecedented in the civil aviation market in Pakistan, was motivated by its “right capacity”, of around 100 seats.

“We hope to see Embraer E190 getting popular based on its spacious cabin and comfortable seat configuration with no middle seat,” Sarah Khoso, K2 commercial manager, told Geo.TV.

The airline released a low-quality photomontage of the E190 with the K2 livery, which has the end of license plate number 27 and which cannot be identified.

Although Pakistan does not use the E-Jet on civil flights, the Navy is investing in converting Lineage executive models into maritime patrol aircraft. The program is carried out without the participation of Embraer.


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