Mitsubishi prepares to resume SpaceJet certification program

Japanese regional jet had development suspended in May due to budget cuts

Mitsubishi Aircraft is reviewing data for nearly 4,000 flight hours performed with the SpaceJet M90 test aircraft to prepare for the resumption of the certification program. The information was released by the company at the end of last month. Airframer confirmed that restructuring of the development program is underway, but a forecast has not been provided for flights to resume.

“After we complete our restructuring, we will rebuild the plan to achieve TC (type certificartion),” said Mitsubishi. “Any personnel changes being made as part of our reorganization are aimed at building an appropriate organizational structure to support our new direction and focus, and to realign resources to help us endure this crisis.”

The program, which is years behind schedule, suffered a severe blow in the first half with the advent of the coronavirus crisis. With huge losses, MHI, the holding company that controls Mitsubishi Aircraft, decided to suspend the program and cut investments.

Among the decisions taken are the freezing of the M100 jet program, with 76 seats and aimed at the US market, and the closure of the American division, where flight tests were carried out.

Because of this, the prototypes were sent from Moses Lake, Washington, to Nagoya, Japan, where they are manufactured. The most recent delivery schedule for the first M90s for All Nippon Airways was April 2021, but the suspension will certainly affect the schedule.


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