LATAM’s Airbus A321 has a runway excursion and gets stuck at an airport in Brazil

Incident with no injuries occurred on Wednesday, July 12 at Florianópolis Airport, which had to interrupt operations

An Airbus A321 of the Brazilian division of LATAM Airlines suffered a runway excursion on the morning of Wednesday, July 12th after landing at Florianópolis Airport, Brazil.

The aircraft, registration PT-MXM, was carrying 172 passengers and 7 crew members from flight LA 3300, from São Paulo. No one was injured in the incident, the airline said.

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Due to the position in which the aircraft stopped, crossed between the runway and the escape area, and the damage caused by the A321 landing gear on the pavement, the airport was closed for landings and takeoffs.

At the time of the incident, it was raining in the city in the south of Brazil, which is one of the regions affected by the extratropical cyclone in progress in the region.

The main landing gear got stuck on the pavement

Zurich Airport Brasil, the airport’s operator, reported that 26 flights were impacted by the closure of the terminal’s main runway. Until yesterday, the company had not disclosed a deadline for completing the repairs on the runway, work that could take a few days.

“LATAM informs that its Recovery Team is already in transit to remove the aircraft from the scene of the incident in Florianópolis this Wednesday and that it has already notified all passengers with affected flights in the capital of Santa Catarina”, said LATAM in a note.

Monitoring cameras at the Florianópolis airport captured the moment when the LATAM plane crossed the runway limits. Check it out below:


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