LATAM will update its A320s to reduce fuel consumption

“Descent Profile Optimization” function of the Airbus aircraft flight management system will save more than 100 tons of jet fuel per aircraft

LATAM Airlines will have the largest fleet of A320 jets equipped with a new feature developed by Airbus to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. Called “Descent Profile Optimization” (DPO), the function is part of the enhancement of the aircraft’s Flight Management System (FMS).

Thanks to the update, it will be possible to carry out the descent procedure using the ‘idle’ engines. In addition, DPO extends flight time at the most efficient cruising altitude as much as possible, preventing the aircraft from having to level off at lower levels where there is greater fuel consumption.

The system upgrade will take place between late 2021 and early 2022 and will include more than 200 A320 family aircraft in the group.

Along with new approach and air traffic procedures being implemented in several countries, the new function promises to help significantly reduce fuel consumption and emission of pollutants.

According to Airbus, each LATAM A320 will save more than 100 tons of jet fuel per year thanks to the resource, including more restricted airports such as Lima, Santiago and São Paulo. The reduction in CO² emissions per aircraft will be 300 tonnes on average – the company projects a total of 600,000 tonnes less pollution across the entire fleet.

This week Airbus is hosting the Airbus Summit, a meeting where it presents its sustainable initiatives in aviation.


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