LATAM Boeing 787

LATAM Boeing 787-9 introduces new economy class

Among the improvements adopted are recycled leather seats and a new entertainment system with 12-inch high definition screens, as well as Bluetooth connection for headphones.

LATAM Airlines has announced the launch of a new Economy cabin for its Boeing 787-9 aircraft, with an investment of US$15 million.

The new cabin features a recycled leather seat and a new entertainment system with 12 high-definition screens and a Bluetooth speaker for listening.

The aircraft will be used in LATAM’s international operations in Brazil and Chile in 2024.

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The new cabin will offer the comfort and hospitality of the South American region to the world, reducing carbon emissions by up to 60% and water usage by up to 55%.

The new seats also feature a 3D interactive map from Panasonic’s Arc™, providing detailed information about the region.

The Bluetooth speaker will allow passengers to access the content platform, including over 170 films, 550 TV episodes, 100 music albums, and exclusive content from HBO Max, Paramount+, and Disney+.

According to LATAM, four Boeing 787-9s will be delivered from the factory with the new economy cabin in 2024.

“We offer the warmth and hospitality of South America to the world with a renovated cabin and an unparalleled entertainment system. These improvements reflect the unique spirit and pride that the LATAM group has for this region,” said Jaime Cornejo, who is responsible for the entertainment and connectivity division of the LATAM Airlines group.


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