Iran unveils ‘indigenous’ Simorgh turboprop

Aircraft is an adaptation of the Antonov An-140 with a rear cargo ramp

Iran unveiled the Simorgh (mythical bird in Persian mythology), a utility turboprop manufactured by Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries (HESA). The aircraft is actually an adaptation of Antonov’s An-140 passenger turboprop, however, with changes such as the rear cargo door.

HESA already had the license to manufacture the An-140, which was transformed into an IrAn-140 and which had about 15 aircraft assembled in Iran with components shipped from Ukraine.

In the images released by the Iranian government, the Simorgh appears with a new empennage, higher and which allowed the installation of a rear door with a ramp.

Despite this, it is possible to notice that the turboprop has an elevated landing gear, which suggests difficulties in carrying the payload.

The aircraft has a rear cargo door with ramp (HESA)

The aircraft uses the TV3-117 engines and would have a maximum cargo weight of 6 tons. The range is estimated at 900 km with maximum cargo weight.

“Given the developments in the region and the threats against the Islamic Republic, aircrafts play an important role in the transportation of cargo, and support for the armed forces on battlefields,” said personnel Brigadier-General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani.

According to the Iranian news agency Meher, the Simorgh is equipped with “indigenous high-tech materials and is designed in accordance with Iran’s climatic conditions as well as international standards and regulations”.

The Simorgh is derived from the An-140 passenger turboprop (HESA)


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