Gulfstream delivers the final G550 business jet

Successor to the Gulfstream V, the aircraft entered service in 2003 and had more than 600 units produced

Gulfstream announced delivery of the final G550 on June 30th. The long-range business jet has been hugely successful in its 18-year career, with more than 600 units assembled, according to the US company.

Based on the Gulfstream V, the G550 debuted the PlaneView cockpit in addition to being certified to use the Enhanced Vision System (now called the Enhanced Flight Vision System) as a standard feature.

“For nearly two decades, the G550 has been exceeding customer expectations,” said Mark Burns, Gulfstream’s CEO.

G550 business jet main cabin (Gulfstream)

“The G550 sets a new standard for performance and reliability and continues to outperform and impress with its wide-ranging capabilities. Given our vast G550 fleet in service, we look forward to continuing to support all G550 customers around the world with Gulfstream Customer Support’s extensive network.”

Originally called the GV-SP, the G550 was certified by FAA in 2003, equipped with upgraded Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofans. Twelve years later, the 500th plane was delivered by Gulfstream.

Above, the G550 compared to the GV (below) – Wo st 01/John Davies

The G550 brought aerodynamic refinements that extended its range. Although it exhibits few clear differences from its predecessor, the business aircraft has seven oval windows instead of six and its main door has been moved forward to provide a more spacious cabin.

The G550 can fly 6.750 nm (12.501 km) at Mach 0.80. Gulfstream introduced the G500 in 2004, a variant with slightly lower fuel capacity.

In 2019, planemaker launched the G600, which offers a shorter range but is faster, more economical and technically advanced.