Greece donates Embraer Legacy jet to Cyprus

VIP aircraft was handed over to the Hellenic Air Force as retribution for Cypriot aid during firefighting in the Mati region, near the capital Athens, in 2018.

An Embraer Legacy business jet belonging to the Hellenic Air Force was donated to the government of Cyprus, the island located in the Mediterranean Sea. The aircraft, which served on the VIP transport, was seen painted in the Cypriot government’s colors and registration this week (see below).

The Greek gratitude has a noble reason: Cyprus played a key role in fighting fires in the Mati region, near the capital Athens, in 2018.

The wildfire occurred in July of that year and killed 60 people. The Cypriot government sent a plane with 60 firefighters to help with the work of controlling the flames that reached a forest in the region, a tourist destination in the country.

Also in 2018, the government of Cyprus announced the construction of a hospital to help victims of forest fires.

The Hellenic Air Force has two ERJ jets in its fleet, an EMB-135LR, with 35 seats, and the EMB-135BJ Legacy, with 15 seats, registration 135L-484. The aircraft was delivered by Embraer in 2002. Greece still has four ERJ-145 AEWs, used in aerial surveillance.


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