Giant lessors, GECAS and AerCap close to announce deal

Owners of more than 2,000 commercial airliners, companies are expected to reveal a possible merger of their businesses

Two of the world’s largest commercial aircraft leasing companies, GECAS and AerCap are due to announce a deal, according to financial market sources.

The information was revealed by The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, which said negotiations were ongoing. The deal is estimated at $30 billion and involves the merging of assets from 2,700 aircraft, between owned and managed units.

The agreement, although still kept confidential, should involve the sale of GECAS. Rumors indicate that General Electric, owner of the company, may pass on control of the new company in order to concentrate on other industrial areas, such as the production of turbofan engines.

AerCap, based in Ireland, became one of the largest lessors in the world in 2013 when it acquired ILFC (International Lease Finance Corporation).

According to the company, it managed a fleet of 1,044 aircraft at the end of 2020 and had orders for 286 jets. AerCap currently has around 200 customers worldwide.

GECAS, in turn, claims to have over 200 customers and a fleet of around 1,650 aircraft, including fixed-wing planes and helicopters.

GECAS A321neo


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