First Madagascar Airlines E190-E2 to be delivered in September

New African carrier expected to receive Embraer aircraft in June, but financial and technical issues postponed planning

Embraer’s future new customer, Madagascar Airlines will have to wait a few more weeks to receive its first E190-E2.

According to statements by the government of the African country, now the jet should only be delivered in September. Until then, the first of the three leased E190-E2s was scheduled for June.

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“We hope, if possible, that one of the planes can arrive before September,” Valery Ramonjavelo, Minister of Transport, told 2424 outlet.

According to Ramonjavelo, technical and financial details with the contract are still pending. The new jets should enter service from October, with a flight to Mauritius.

Madagascar Airlines E190-E2 model (GM)

The government of the Republic of Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean with 587,000 km² and almost 29 million inhabitants, had announced its intention to have the E190-E2s in October last year.

In December, an agreement was signed with the leasing company Azorra. In March of this year, it was predicted that the aircraft would begin to be delivered in June of this year.

“One of the planes is being painted”, added Valery Ramonjavelo, who promised to expand domestic and international flights with jets with up to 114 seats.