First Boeing 737 MAX 7 debuts in US

The third and smallest version of the new 737 family rolled out at Boeing’s Renton Plant on Monday

Boeing rolled out on Monday (5) the first prototype of the 737 MAX 7, the smallest version of the new generation 737 MAX. The aircraft was unveiled at the manufacturer’s headquarters in Renton, Wash., USA. The new aircraft is the successor to the Next Generation 737-700 and, according to its designers, has improved technologies that increase its flight reach by 1,150 miles with an efficiency of 18% in fuel consumption per seat. The first 737 MAX 7 will undergo system, fuel and engine testing before the first flight takes place in the coming weeks.

“For our airline customers serving airports at high altitudes or remote locations, the MAX 7 is the ideal complement to their fleet. We look forward to demonstrating the incredible flexibility and range of this airplane, ” said Keith Leverkuhn, Boeing’s 737 MAX program vice president and general manager.

The 737 MAX 7 is the third new generation model presented by Boeing in three years. The series debuted in commercial aviation last year with the 737 MAX 8, and the manufacturer has also started flight testing with the 737 MAX 9. The MAX family will still have the MAX 10 version, which will be the largest 737 in history , with capacity for up to 230 passengers (see below).

According to Boeing data, the 737 MAX 7 is designed to carry between 138 and 172 passengers. Its maximum range is 4,430 km, enough for the aircraft to perform transatlantic flights.

The 737 MAX 7 is scheduled to go into service in 2019 with the US airline Southwest Airlines. Despite the optimism of the manufacturer, the MAX 7 is so far the member that least purchase requests had. Its cost of operation is higher than the 737 MAX 8 and, above all, the new CS300 from Bombardier, a jet that has caused a lot of excitement in the United States after Airbus becomes a partner of the Canadian competitor.

737 MAX 10 goes ahead

Days after the roll out, Boeing announced that the project of the 737 MAX 10, larger version of the airplane, arrived at the final configuration. With 66 inches more than the MAX 9 version, the new plane will carry 230 passengers and be 5% more economical than its competitors. The manufacturer reveals to have 416 orders of the MAX 10, of 18 different costumers. The first 737MAX 10 will be delivered in 2020.

Boeing delivers first 737 MAX

Boeing 737 MAX 10


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