First A320 converted for cargo is delivered

Model A320P2F was delivered to Vaayu Group (Vaayu) by ST Engineering and EFW, Airbus partners in the conversion program

The world’s first passenger-to-cargo (P2F) converted A320 was delivered on Friday in Singapore. The customer for the A320P2F aircraft is Vaayu Group, whose aircraft will be leased by Pradhaan Air Express of India.

The A320 model conversion program is carried out by ST Engineering and EFW with the support of Airbus. The group already carries out the same work with other jets such as the A330-300P2F, A330-200P2F and A321P2F, which were converted in 2017, 2018 and 2020, respectively.

The A320P2F can accommodate 10 ULD standard containers on the cabin floor plus another seven containers in the hold. The payload capacity is 21 tonnes with a maximum range of 1,850 nm (3,426 km).

The first A320P2F will be operated by Pradhaan Air from India (ST Engineering)

“With this redelivery, our Airbus P2F family of narrowbody and widebody freighters is finally complete,” said Jordi Boto, CEO of EFW.

“The world’s first A320P2F for the Indian market will secure dedicated charge capacity boosting more self-reliance. Getting the world’s first A320 converted freighter to India is like a dream come true. A second aircraft will be inducted by the end of this year with plans for further fleet expansion,” said Nipun Anand, CEO and Founder, Pradhaan Air Express.

Growing demand for passenger-to-cargo aircraft conversions motivated ST Engineering and EFW to establish new facilities in China and the United States later this year. With the expansion, the P2F program will offer 60 slots per year starting in 2024.

Interior of the A320P2F (ST Engineering)


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