Eve’s eVTOL flights expected to start in 2026 with prices starting at $50

Executive President of EmbraerX, Daniel Moczydlower said at an event that ticket prices may decrease over time

Chief-executve of EmbraerX, a division of Embraer focused on innovative business, Daniel Moczydlower, provided more details on the start of operations with the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft of Eve, the air mobility subsidiary of the Brazilian manufacturer.

According to the executive, the first revenue flights with Eve’s eVTOLs are expected to start between 2026 and 2027, initially in a city in Brazil.

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Moczydlower also commented on the projections of ticket prices that should be practiced in this new transport niche. “The initial entry target that we’ve been looking at is $50 to $100 for a trip. This for Brazil is still expensive and we are studying ways after the entry into operation to gain more efficiency to be able to reduce more.”

Daniel Moczydlower (DLR)

The head of EmbraerX also indicated that Eve’s vehicles must travel for a maximum of 15 minutes. The subsidiary estimates that São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the two largest Brazilian cities, have the potential to operate with up to 300 eVTOLs.

“Rio’s mayor wants to be first and there are many cities in the world looking to be pioneers,” said Moczydlower. “It will be a vehicle for big cities that suffer from congestion; they are the big demanders.”

Eve is today one of the main names in the eVTOL market, working on aircraft projects and also on the entire ecosystem to support these vehicles. So far, the brand of the Embraer group has 2,770 purchase intentions for the “flying taxis”, which could generate revenues of US$ 8.3 billion, according to the EmbraerX executive.