Emirates’ first Airbus A380 becomes baggage tags

Aviationtag labels are made from recycled metal from the A6-EDA registration aircraft, the first delivered to the Arab carrier in 2008

The first Airbus A380 that flew with Emirates Airline and was dismantled, had some of its parts turned into luggage tags.

Aviationtag has launched a new series of luggage tags made with recycled aluminum from aircraft that served in the colors of the luxury Dubai airline, including the A380 A6-EDA

On sale on the Aviationtag website for 59.95 euros ($64.40), the metal tags are available in 62 different versions, each one referencing the airports around the world that the A6-EDA passed through.

Furthermore, the labels indicate the dates of the aircraft’s first landing at each of the airports it passed through and the number of times it was in those terminals.

Aviationtag will allocate part of the profits obtained from sales of tags from the dismantled A380 to be donated to the Emirates Airlines Foundation, the company’s philanthropic foundation that currently supports 14 projects in nine countries helping needy children.

A380 baggage tags (Aviationtags)

Retired in 2020

The A380 A6-EDA has the serial number MSN011 and was delivered to Emirates Airline in July 2008.

Configured with 517 seats in three classes, the aircraft entered revenue service in August 2008 on the route from Dubai to New York, in the United States.

A380 A6-EDA was disamantled in Dubai in 2021 (Aviationtags)

According to Emirates, the aircraft carried out a total of 6,319 flights, passing through 62 destinations. The plane in question transported more than 2.1 million passengers and logged 55,863 flight hours – the equivalent of six years and eight months in the air.

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After being removed from service in April 2020, the aircraft was dismantled at Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport by Falcon Aircraft Recycling, which took around five months to complete.


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