Embraer updates Eve’s eVTOL configuration

Electric aircraft now have a more conventional design instead of the previous design, with canards

Eve, Embraer’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) subsidiary, unveiled its updated eVTOL configuration at the Farnborough Airshow. The model, which previously had canards, now features a more traditional layout, with a rear horizontal stabilizer.

The electric plane, which may be called the Eve-100, has four twin sets of rotors installed side-by-side instead of two front and two rear.

Embraer also connected the internal booms to the stabilizers and pusher engines, forming a more efficient set, according to the company.

In addition, the eVTOL has gained a vertical stabilizer that, along with the other changes, provide “safety and reliability in a simple and intuitive lift and cruise design”, said the manufacturer.

The Brazilian company revealed at the event in the UK for the first time a full-size mockup of the eVTOL cabin. It will be part of the ‘Fly the Future’ exhibition together with the Energia family of sustainable aircraft concepts.

The eVTOL interior holds four passengers in two rows facing each other, in addition to a seat for the pilot, who controls the aircraft through a fully digital panel.

Almost 2,000 letters of intent

“Our teams have been working hard to create the best solutions for the global urban air mobility environment, and our aviation experience through Embraer not only gives us confidence that we are on the right path but also puts us at the forefront of the market. We’ve been accelerating our resources engagement and evolving the project’s maturity,” said André Stein, co-CEO of Eve.

Stein played down the appeal by flying a prototype as soon as possible, like other competitors. For Eve, it is more important to pave the way for the new air mobility to accelerate steps such as the first flight.

With nearly 2,000 letters of intent already signed by various customers, Eve expects to see its first eVTOL come into service by 2026.

Eve’s new eVTOL concept (Eve)


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