Embraer still believes in the debut of its new turboprop in 2028, despite delays

CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation stated that the planemaker is still refining the technical characteristics of the aircraft with up to 100 seats

Previously scheduled to take place this year, the launch of Embraer’s next-generation turboprop aircraft may be delayed, but its entry into service in mid-2028 is still possible, suggested Arjan Meijer, CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, in an interview with AIN.

According to the chief executive of the division, the company is still refining the technical characteristics of the aircraft, which makes the industrial launch of the program unfeasible at this time.

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“We are not going to hit the deadlines that we gave before and we won’t give a new deadline because we don’t want to be in a defensive position”, he said. Meijer explained that until the project reaches common ground, it will not be released.

Despite this, he pointed out that a potential delay in the official launch of the project does not necessarily change the forecast for the commercial debut of the new turboprop. “We can delay and still make the 2028,” he explained.

Embraer next-gen turboprop (Embraer)

Propulsion technologies

Although the turboprop segment is considered the most appropriate branch for the introduction of new propulsion technologies, such as hybrid-electric systems and hydrogen engines, the CEO of Embraer’s commercial division believes that this transition should not occur so soon.

According to Meijer, the new propulsion technologies have not yet advanced enough to the point of efficiently powering a turboprop aircraft with a capacity of between 70 and 100 passengers, like the concept proposed by Embraer.

The manufacturer, however, designs the aircraft with the possibility of adopting new types of powertrain in the future.


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