Embraer Praetor 600 receives certification in Brazil

Business jet super-midsize category, aircraft was launched in 2018

Embraer received last week the Type Certificate for the new Praetor 600 business jet from ANAC, Brazil’s civil aviation agency. The aircraft was launched in 2018 at the NBAA-BACE in Orlando, United States.

Our engineering and program teams have been passionate about designing, developing and certifying the class-leading Praetor 600 business jet, exceeding specifications and expectations, and ahead of schedule,” said Paulo César de Souza e Silva, President and CEO of Embraer. “This advanced aircraft reflects not only our journey of innovation, it is also a preview of the future of this great company.

The Praetor 600 is a super-midsize jet with full fly-by-wire controls and active turbulence reduction system, which according to Embraer makes flight smoother and more efficient as possible . It is capable of flying more than 4,000 nautical miles (7,408 km) in long-range cruising speed or more than 3,700 nautical miles (6,852 km) to Mach 0.80 (987 km / h) from smaller runways (up to 1,371 meters).

This performance allows Embraer’s new business jet to make non-stop flights between London and New York or Sao Paulo and Miami. According to the manufacturer, Praetor has an intercontinental range of 7,441 km with four passengers – the maximum capacity of the aircraft is 12 passengers.

Embraer Praetor 600

The Praetor 600 will fascinate our customers with the highest performance, technology and comfort in its class and raise the customer experience to an unprecedented level,” said Michael Amalfitano, President and CEO of Embraer Executive Aviation.

Embraer’s new series of executive jets also includes the Praetor 500 model, which can carry between seven and nine passengers and reach up to 6,019 km. The new family of aircraft was developed from the Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 models.

The delivery of the first Praetor 600 to a customer in Brazil is scheduled for the last quarter of this year.

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Embraer Praetor 600


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