Embraer in talks with Tata and Mahindra for assembly line in India

Indian industrial groups are among the largest companies in the country and could facilitate the expansion of the manufacturer’s sales

Embraer is in talks with Tata and Mahindra, Indian industrial giants, to establish partnerships to manufacture its aircraft in the country, said Francisco Gomes Neto, the company’s CEO, in an interview last week.

“Tata told us that they would first start with focus on big aircraft, and that involves Airbus and Boeing. After that, they would look at more regional aircraft, and there is the market where we are,” said Gomes Neto to Mint.

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According to the CEO of defense and security, Bosco Costa Junior, Embraer intends to close a partnership agreement with Indian companies by the end of 2023 – he also admitted that there are talks with other groups, without detailing names.

Although he mentioned the commercial aviation segment, with the E2 aircraft, Embraer also has other products being evaluated by India, such as the C-390 Millennium airlifter.

First Indian Air Force C295 (Airbus)

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has plans to acquire 80 transport aircraft with a capacity of 18 to 30 tons, a category in which the C-390 fits.

The Indian government intends to transform the country into an aerospace hub and, for that reason, makes any broader project dependent on partnerships with local industries.

The two groups cited by Gomes Neto already operate in aviation. Mahindra, for example, owns Australian aircraft manufacturer GippsAero.

Tata, India’s largest industrial group, has a broader scope, supporting global projects such as the F-16 fighter, the AH-64 Apache helicopter and, more recently, the local assembly of Airbus’ C295 turboprops, which were ordered by the IAF .


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