Embraer hopes to conclude the C-390 sale agreement for the Netherlands in 2023

NATO member country chose Embraer’s airlifter in competition against the C-130J Hercules in 2022

Next customer of the C-390 Millennium, the Netherlands announced in June 2022 the choice of Embraer aircraft to replace the C-130 fleet of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The agreement for the purchase of five aircraft, however, has not yet been signed, which should take place later this year.

For AIRWAY, Bosco da Costa Junior, CEO of Embraer Defense and Security, said that “the Dutch legal process is quite robust and has several stages. We are in the negotiation phase with the Dutch state and the expectation is that it will be concluded by the end of this year, always respecting the Dutch process”.

The choice of the Netherlands for the Embraer aircraft is particularly significant as this was the first contract awarded for the C-390 in direct competition with its main rival, the Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules. The Dutch order aims to bring a replacement for the four C-130H in service in the country.

When confirming the selection of the C-390, the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands informed that it intended to take delivery of the Brazilian planes from 2026. The model chosen by the Dutch will use the designation C-390M.

The first Hungarian KC-390 (Embraer)

Partners in the project, but not yet customers

Strategic partners in the C-390 program thanks to the supply of components, Argentina and the Czech Republic are yet to become customers of the Embraer aircraft.

“We have conversations with both partners. These are countries where the C-390 could operate, it would have application in the air forces of both countries. Without a doubt, Embraer is very connected with these partners, seeking the best moment to penetrate these countries with the C-390,” said Costa Junior.

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Apart from the Netherlands and the 19 firm orders from the Brazilian Air Force, the Embraer C-390/KC-390 was also ordered by Portugal (five aircraft) and Hungary (two aircraft).


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