Placar Linhas Aereas first E190-E2

Embraer E190-E2 that failed to be delivered to four airlines finally finds an owner

Commercial aircraft even received livery from Congo Airways and Madagascar Airlines, but last-minute changes frustrated deliveries. Aircraft should be part of the fleet used by a football team in Brazil

The Embraer E190-E2 MSN 19020016 aircraft appears to finally have an owner after being associated with four airlines and never delivered.

Placar Linhas Aéreas, a company owned by a Brazilian businesswoman who is also president of a popular football club in Brazil, Palmeiras, had purchased the plane, according to reports.

The aircraft was initially manufactured for Fuzhou Airlines and later linked to Somon Air, from Tajikistan, but the agreements ended before the E190-E2 was completed.

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The situation appeared to have been resolved when Congo Airways announced an order with Embraer. The commercial jet was painted in its colors and made its first flight in October 2021.

The state-owned carrier, however, abandoned plans to fly four E2 jets and the plane was parked. It didn’t take long for another African company, Madagascar Arlines, to announce a leasing contract with Azorra to have the E190-E2.

At background, the former Madagascar Airlines E190-E2 (Nhar Bac)

The MSN 19020016 plane then received the Madagascar Airlines livery and appeared ready for delivery when the president of Vietnam visited Embraer’s facilities in Brazil.

But the carrier’s leaders also changed their plans, ending the contract before the jet was delivered.

Plane with fewer seats

This time it seems that the deal for the aircraft is indeed agreed. Placar was created by businesswoman Leila Pereira, who is also the owner of a large financing company in Brazil.

The airline’s main goal is to transport the football team to championship games in Brazil and South America.

Leila Pereira (Embraer)

In June last year, Leila took delivery of another E190-E2, which had previously been used by Embraer as a demonstration aircraft.

The fleet of two aircraft of this type has an explanation. Placar Linhas Aéreas seeks to obtain the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) to offer charter services to other customers when Palmeiras does not need the aircraft.

According to Leila, the second E190-E2 will have its passenger capacity reduced from 114 to 98 seats. Therefore, it is not a VIP configuration, but more appropriate for charter flights.


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